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A bespoke cover with the possibility of ‘non-cancellable’ limits or a ‘top-up’ on the cover with another insurer.

Clear policies without small print.

A single point of contact with decision-making authority.

Open information flows supported by an integrated IT system.

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A credit insurance can be taken out for commercial risks (such as non-payment by a debtor) and for political risks that are beyond the control of an individual company or debtor. The coverage is often flexible; the height and scope can be adjusted during the term in order to optimally anticipate your trade relations or your risks.

Active relationship between insured and insurer
The big difference between credit insurance and most other insurances is that credit insurance is actively managed during the term. You play an important role here yourself. Interaction between you and us is therefore crucial.

With a credit insurance from Mercury you get access to information that goes far beyond your own debtors. By also sharing information about the payment behavior and agreements with your own debtors, you contribute to a better assessment of risks by Mercury.

Additional financial capacity
Credit insurance reduces the exposure to the risk of non-payment and thus releases additional space for financial capacity. This not only improves your own business operations, but also offers extra security for other financiers. This creates more room for working capital and stimulates further growth of your company.