an integrated IT system for maximum support

Mercury finds cooperation and exchange important. We would like to know how you do your business. And you would like to know what information we need to draw up the best policy for you.

Our integrated IT system enables you to actively manage your policy online and to view all our information.

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The strength of Mercury is formed to a large extent by the integrated IT system that was developed especially for us. It includes all data and actions to support the policy and shares information real-time between all parties involved. You will also find information about your debtors.

The more information is shared, the more efficient the credit management and the more manageable the costs. By actively using the system you retain control.

Clear portal

The core of the system is the portal, with separate user-friendly versions for insureds, for brokers and for the Mercury team itself.

The portal contains all relevant information for the user, including the possibility to search for the necessary information, to find and to change relevant data if necessary.