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Credit insurers frequently use terms with a specific meaning.

You can find a number of these terms – and the definition given by Mercury – here.

You can find a complete overview in our policy conditions.


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Adverse information: circumstances that increase the probability of an imminent loss;

Claims Waiting Period: the period that must elapse before an insolvency occurs;

Credit Limit: the maximum amount of credit you may extend under this policy;

Discretionary Limit: the possibility to set your own buyer limit for a buyer;

Insolvency: situation that your invoices remain (partly) unpaid;

Loss: the invoices that remain unpaid due to insolvency;

Past due: if an invoice remains unpaid 60 days after due date no new delivery nor protracted delivery can be made;

Payment terms: the period and way your invoices need to be paid by your buyer;

Self retention: the part of the unpaid invoices that will be at your own expense when your customer will not pay;

Threshold: if a loss remains under this level no indemnification or allocation to a deductible will be made.