cooperation, openness and doing what we promise

Mercury combines classic core values ​​from the insurance industry with an integrated IT system and thus offers full transparency, the best conditions and maximum security.

Modern credit insurance with classic solidity.


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Mercury stands for cooperation, openness and doing what we promise.

We believe in a sincere, reciprocal relationship with you as our customer.

This means that we share relevant information with you and that we also expect this from you. We act proactively and help you to structure your information and processes in such a way that we can optimize your coverage. We both benefit from this.

We believe in openness.

We share all information that we have and which is relevant to you. And the more financial information you share with us, the better the policy conditions, coverage and price we can offer you. Examples are the balance sheet and profit and loss account of your customers, the probability of default, their non-financial ratings and their payment behavior to date.

Doing what we promise
We believe in personal business.

This means that the underwriter with whom you have contact is fully responsible for you. You have the certainty of a single point of contact, with whom you communicate directly and who is authorized to make decisions.