satisfied customers

“When I was faced with cancellations and reductions in my credit insurance, I immediately contacted Mercury. These cancellations cause a problem because I have to ship. Together we have come up with a solution, despite the expiry date of my other policy which is a year from now. Within two days we had an agreement and I had received the policy documents.”

“When an invoice was paid late we had fast and professional debt collection, the costs of which were 100% covered by the policy.”


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“At Mercury I finally found a solution for me not wanting to insure all my sales. There were no dogmas and we simply looked at a good construction for cooperation.”

“It’s nice that we can always call our underwriter directly for an explanation, and his service helps us in our risk management as well as in our sales processes.”

“We are very much helped with the product where we have only insured our large debtors and where we have arranged a collection package for the smaller debtors. We now have the assurance of coverage for the larger outstandings and the certainty of good receivables management for the smaller debtors, and all this at an attractive premium!”